Welcome to the RMA

The RMA, founded in 1874, is the second oldest society of its kind in the world. Our many conferences and study days engage with music of all kinds on many levels. Three regular publications - the Journal of the Royal Musical Association, the RMA Research Chronicle and the RMA Monographs series - are part of our wide-ranging organization. We offer prestigious awards for outstanding scholarly achievement as well as grants and training opportunities for young scholars.
The RMA is a hub for other national and international organizations concerned with the study of music. Enjoy exploring the RMA website and contact us if you want to know more.

Understanding British Music Research

Simon McVeigh and Richard Lewis present an overview of the current state of music research in Britain using data from the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (2008) and Research Excellence Framework (2014). Click here for the full analysis.

Music Research Consortium

The RMA is a member of the Music Research Consortium UK (MRC-UK), which represents UK professional organisations promoting research in music. You can find a full listing of members on the MRC-UK site.