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The Consortium for Guitar Research

The Consortium for Guitar Research at Sidney Sussex College is a free and democratic society of guitar players and scholars devoted to the musical history, the social history and the organology of all Western instruments called ‘guitars’, but with special emphasis on the nineteenth century. This is the earliest period from which original instruments can readily be bought, restored and reconditioned, and encompasses the period 1800-1840 when a craze for the guitar swept Europe from Vienna to London. The current members of the Consortium hail from the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Norway, Holland, Greece and the United States. The group holds a conference of its Ordinary and Honorary Members every two years, after which the papers are published. The most recent set of papers, from the 2013 conference held at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, has been published in the November 2014 issue of the Oxford University Press Journal Early Music.

Consortium website: guitarconsortium.wordpress.com/

Contact: Christopher Page, chp1000@cam.ac.uk

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