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Publications Committee

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Chair of the Publications Committee

Simon Keefe
University of Glasgow

The Publications Committee has responsibility for all RMA academic publications, encompassing editorial policy, publicity, and marketing. The Committee takes decisions on the timing and contents of publications, and in addition acts as the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Royal Musical Association.

Members (as of January 2017)

In alphabetical order. JRMA refers to the Journal of the Royal Musical Association.

Appointed by Council:

Chris Banks (to 2017)
Simon Keefe
(Chair) (to 2018)
Cormac Newark (to 2019)

Ex Officio:

Jeffrey Dean (Executive Officer)
Mark Everist (President)
Phil Robinson (Student Representative)
Valerie James (Hon. Treasurer)
Katy Hamilton (Membership Development Officer)

Editors of the RMA Publications:

Laura Tunbridge (Editor, JRMA) (to 2017)
Sarah Collins (Reviews Editor, JRMA and RMA Research Chronicle) (to 2019)

Ian Rumbold (Assistant Editor, JRMA)
Simon Keefe (Editor, Monographs) (to 2018)
Marija Duric Speare (Copy Editor, RMA Newsletter; Proofreader, JRMA)
Paul Watt (Editor, RMA Research Chronicle) (to 2017)

In Attendance:

Thomas Schmidt (Chair, Events Committee)
Lisa Colton (IAP representative, JRMA)

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