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Editor of the RMA Newsletter:

Michael Byde
University of Leeds

The RMA publishes a Newsletter, twice yearly, in April and October.  It contains a calendar of events, conference announcements and reports, calls for papers, and news of the Association itself.  All RMA events are announced in the Newsletter, and other events likely to be of interest to the membership are included as space permits. 

Conference Reports

Conference organisers are asked to nominate someone to write a report on the conference for the RMA newsletter and website; please submit the name of your nominee to the Editor, once you have their agreement.

Copy deadlines

Copy deadlines for the Newsletter are:

Leaflet mailings

We also provide a service by which leaflets may be mailed with the Newsletter--for instance, conference timetables, publication notices, or more extensive announcements.  There is a fee of £80 pounds per A4/5 page for this, to defray postage and handling charges. If you wish to make use of this service, please get in touch with the editor who will confirm details. 1100 copies of your leaflet will be required.

All correspondence about the content of the RMA Newsletter should be addressed to:

Editor of the RMA Newsletter:

Michael Byde
University of Leeds

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