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Affiliation of Conferences to the RMA

The RMA Events Committee welcomes proposals from conference organisers for the affiliation of their events to the RMA.

Benefits of Affiliation

The benefits of such affiliation include:

The aims and objectives of affiliated events should be consistent with those of the RMA. (Our mission statement can be found here.)

Financial Support

In addition, the Committee will consider applications for financial support. Conference affiliation grants will not normally exceed £500 (£300 for a one-day event/study day).

Affiliation/Funding Criteria

To be considered for affiliation/funding, conferences must:

When considering applications, the Committee will prioritise events that, in the Committee’s judgement:

The Association does not usually offer repeat financial support for recurring events unless the location or theme are substantially different.

The Association expects that RMA members will be able to benefit directly (usually from exclusive registration discounts at least).

How to Apply

Application Form: Proposal for conference in association with the RMA (with or without financial support) [Word Document].

This form may be completed electronically and returned by e-mail to .

Deadlines for Applications

Applications received by the deadlines will receive consideration within three months.

Applications for retrospective conference grants will not be considered.

Post-Event Reporting

Where the RMA makes a financial contribution to a conference or study day, we require organisers to report back on the event before funds can be released.

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